Welcome to HasStudio Music Copying and Notation Services. HasStudio offers music notation services and provids Professional Music Copying for composers, arrangers, the music industry, symphonic recordings, jazz and vocal performances and music publication.

Michal Hass, author of "Music Notation", has taught notation at the Berklee College of Music affiliate school "Rimon" Israel, for many years. She is a master copyist and a Finale expert, with over twenty years experience using Finale Notation Software. As a Music Notation expert with extremely high standards, she will accurately reproduce and lay out your composition, arrangment, score and parts, so that your music will be notated professionally and will read easily for the performers.

HasStudio Copying is for any musician, ensemble, orchestra or choir, who want to give their music a professional and impeccable notation, look and layout. Printed on high resolution laser printer, or e-mailed as PDF and/or Finale files.

Michal Hass has 15 years of experience as a teacher in colleges, teaching Music Notation and music-related computer software as Finale. Her specialization is in copying, engraving, transcription and transposition of music.
Michal Hass is the author of the textbook on subject of Music Notation (in Hebrew). She worked with all major orchestras, composers and arrrangers as music copyist, and is proficient in MakeMusic Finale, Adobe Photoshop, Office, HTML, and Css.

EDUCATION: Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA - B.Mus., Professional Music, Cum Laude 1983 - 1987
Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel - B.A., Psychology, Cum laude 1989 - 1992

EXPERIENCE: RIMON COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Israel (affiliated with Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA) Music Teacher/Educator 1995 - Present. Established course in Music Notation, including preparation of all study materials for the course. Taught courses in Music Notation and computer applications for computer, including MakeMusic Finale.
HED COLLEGE OF CONTEMPORARY MUSIC, Israel (affiliated with Oklahoma City University) Music Teacher/Educator 1994 - Present. Established course in Music Notation, including preparation of all study materials for the course. Taught courses in Music Notation and Music Theory.
MUSIC COPYIST AND ENGRAVER 1987 - Present. Copied and edited hundreds of scores and musical compositions in the fields of classical, modern, light music and jazz Produced all work until 1998 in her own hand using high quality calligraphy. Since 1998, work is produced using computer software (MakeMusic Finale).

AUTHOR: "Music Notation - The Complete Manual", 423 pages, 2008, HasStudio Publications (in Hebrew). The only publication of its kind in the Hebrew language.

Music projects are prepared by Michal Hass, a master copyist and a Finale expert, using Finale Notation Software. Accuracy is guaranteed, and proof reading for the final product will be done at no additional charge. During the project, Michal Hass will be in contact with you via telephone and/or e-mail for any changes you wish to make, and for any questions regarding your project.
HasStudio will provide any of the following services:

Engraving Handwritten Scores
Creating Parts for an Already Prepared Score
Transposing Music to a Different Key
Transcribing Music for a Different Instrument
Editing Already Prepared Scores
Creating Examples for Textbooks and Academic Papers
Arranging Works for Different Instrumentation

Please visit the Contact page ,for any of the services listed above.

Click below to view samples of HasStudio Music Copying and Engraving projects. All examples were done to fit the needs of a specific projects. Any specific way you want your project to look, the necessary adjustments will be made to your specifications.


Single Line page - $12
Divisi or Chorded page (A part for two players written on one staff or with fully notated chord voicings) - $14
Double Stave page (piano parts, harp, duos) - $15
Trio, Quartet, Quintet page (choir, etc') - $16
Large ensemble page (orchestral score) - $18-$25

Lyrics - additional $2 per page
Transposition - additional $2 per page
Adding Chord Symbols - additional $2 per page
Piano Conductor or Reduction - $42 per hour
Editing, proofreading and librarian work - $42 per hour
Standart page - "Letter" size paper (8.5 x 11 inches)
The work includes proof reading (via email), e-mail as PDF and/or Finale files, and final printing if desired, for additional $0.5 per page.

Michal Hass is the author of the book "Music notation - the Complete Guide of Music Notation and Preparation"

The book is written in Hebrew, and includes all the rules and terminology of the written language of music.


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